Weekly Review: Week 7 Clear!

Hello all, and welcome to the 0XP Weekly Review, Week 7. I’m going to experiment with a shorter review this week, as I read back through some of my previous ones and felt that they went on a bit.

If you have any thoughts, feelings or (especially) controversial opinions about the new format, please let me know through email, PM, or hateful message bound to brick.

With that said, let’s get into it:

What I did this week

  • Continued with the Brackeys 2D Platformer Course, adding:
    • Animation
    • Shooting
    • Respawning
    • Particle Effects
    • Enemy AI
  • Did some writing for upcoming blog posts
  • Experimented with some pixel art

Most of my time with 0XP this week has been spent on watching, making notes on, and implementing the teachings of the Brackeys YouTube 2D Platformer course, as has been the case for the past few weeks. As I mentioned in my last review: I need to complete between 2-3 lessons a day to stay on track for completion by the next Monday, the 24th, and do far I’ve stuck to it.


I’ve now got a spaceman that jumps and shoots, and made Enemy AI that follows him round the screen. The background both parallaxes and tiles, giving the illusion of depth on an infinite plane – it looks pretty sweet.

The little Alien doesn’t do anything yet other than follow you round, so I like to imagine that its come to this planet to research hugs.

This is the game I have working currently: so far I’ve only got 4 platforms and one enemy, but I’m hoping greatly expand those numbers in upcoming lessons.


However, despite my KickAssTronaut I’m finding it harder to feel jazzed about the lessons recently; they’ve grown in length and complexity, and discrepancies between the different versions of Unity in the videos and I one I use make learning an often frustrating exercise of trial and error. I currently have this weird error where, even though I’ve implemented shooting and the bullets are layered in front of the background elements, the shots still fire behind them.

An illustration of my magic disappearing bullets. Would be very effective on the battlefield, but we want to give the enemy a sporting chance.

In the example above, the top screen is the “scene view”, ie the editor of an individual “screen” of a game, and the bottom screen is the actual game being rendered. You’ll see in the scene view, the green lines that are coming out of the KickAssTronaut’s arm are a debugging feature to show that I’m shooting, but no bullets are being rendered in the actual game.

Sessions have become less and less about creativity and more about studying and troubleshooting. I suppose it’s a gentle forecast of what’s to come: video game development is as much (if not more) about engineering as art, and I suppose I’m going in expecting the latter only to deal with the former. Once I’m done with the tutorials I’ll really have dig my heels in!

I’m using less of my imagination than I’d like, and these blog posts become the sole place for me to vent my brain fumes, whereas I think they’d be best suited to expand into other areas that can contribute to the overall product.

The new-s

To that end, I’ve decided to start drawing pixel art! I have zero experience (…hahahahaaa…ha….) with pixel art, or any computer drawing (bar what I did with Inkscape to make the logo and website) so it’s been fun to tinker for the past few days. It’s been a welcome re-acquaintance with the simple joy of creation that I haven’t felt in a while, and it serves the secondary purpose of preparing me for the art in my own project.

My attempt at Logfella from Sword & Sworcery. Colours are hard, it turns out.

I use Piskel in this sprite: http://www.piskelapp.com/.

I adore pixel art generally and there are a few games with styles I’d like emulate, but I’m going to be talking about those in an upcoming post so hold onto your laces for that one…

Next week

Next week I’m going to push on with the Platformer stuff, implement some more features into the Enemy AI, and be wrapped on to move onto something else by Monday.

I’ll continue with the Pixel Art, taking it at my own pace, and I’ll be posting the results as well as the first of a new series mid-next week.

Thank so much, as always, for taking a few minutes of your ever-dwindling existence to pour over my ramblings, it’s much appreciated.

You can follow my progress on here, or on my other media outlets such as TumblrFacebookInstagram and Twitter. Any feedback is greatly appreciated and I would be more than happy to answer any questions.

Au Goodbye!

(Hmmm, didn’t end up that much shorter, did it….)

He gets sad when you go…

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