Learning DEADlines : Playtime is OVER

Formulaic intro

It’s the nadir of the week, Netflix isn’t loading and god knows no one can be motivated enough for love making, so it’s time to settle down and give yourself that last weekly push with 0XP.

I feel I start a lot of articles with a series of three situations, each getting successively more ridiculous and crass, that make out whatever time it is as the most opportune to read my blog. Hmmm. Maybe I should mix it up a bit. Oh look, a segue…

This week I made a 2D platformer with parallaxing backgrounds and tiling. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Insert reference for Miles Davis fans

Seriously, if you’re new to jazz – check this out and Kind of Blue


So I thought I’d make a quick post about rough Milestones I’m setting for learning how to make games, and the beginning of actual development of the game in my chosen style.

I’ll list my learning milestones with dates and then expound upon them a bit. The list of tutorials I plan on doing are outlined here, if you’re wondering what I’ll be using, but I’ll also be providing links below so no beef I got U. Ready? Too bad, here we go:

(These are all 2017 btw if for some reason you didn’t get that ya DOPE).


Eek! If you have a look at the length of some of those tutorials you may begin to understand the creeping sensation I’m starting to have; like the sun is being blotted out amidst a tidal wave of impending work, the scale of which I cannot yet comprehend. And this is just game types – by the time I’ve chosen the game I’ll also have to make a start on art style, sound design, story, level design…ooo look, a nice cave to hide in…

No way productivity will find me here… OH GOD- A TO DO LIST!!

It was a bit damp in there and the previous residents had made a bit of a mess; I get it’s fun to take poppers and gut fish with your teeth, but you could at least throw a rug down or something. Frickin’ hermits for ya.

Anyway, my plan is to familiarise myself with the various game types laid out in the above tutorials, pick one, and then commit to it for the following 8 months. I’m currently leaning toward an RPG as I feel that will be the medium best to explore my brand of stupid, but I’m open to whatever grabs me.

I have a few gamey ideas in my head, and I’m make notes whenever I have an idea so I’m really keen to get started and put some stuff out there.

Or y’know, I could always create a game with 4 Dimensions of space that you can swap between to solve puzzles (!?). Look up Miegakure if you’re interested in that idea.

A brief one this week, but it needed doing – I’ll be back after the Weekly Review next week with milestones to aim for once I begin development.

You can follow me on here, or on my other media outlets such as TumblrFacebookInstagram and Twitter. Any feedback is greatly appreciated and I would be more than happy to answer any questions.

Thank you as always for tearing yourself away from solitaire (I know you’re having a busy work day) to visually listen to my spiel. Until next time!



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