Weekly Review: Week 5 Clear!

Good Weekend to you, and welcome to the weekly review of 0XP – did you miss me? Did you miss the pulse-pounding excitement of reflective writing that leaves your eyeballs bleeding in anticipation for the next instalment? I know you did, and I’m sorry I let your eyes bleed for so long: I can control many elements, but the speed of Thursday afternoon is not one of them. Let’s how we (I) got on this week.

Did I success?

Because of technical difficulties last week, I aimed to get myself back into the groove of game-making and learning after a short break. Besides that, I infrequently posted to social media and gaming forums: not as regular as I’d hoped.

A problem of mine has been trying to achieve too many things at once and failing at all of them, rather than concentrating on one or two, so I will seek to remedy that both in my weekly reviews themselves and in my 0XP conduct. But more on that later, let’s look at what I actually got up to.

Things I did this week

  • 7 hours of Unity, split between the Unity 2D Character Controller Tutorial and the Brackey’s Unity 2D Platformer tutorial (more on that laterrrrr).
  • 1 hour C# learning.
  • 2 hours of making levels of Mario Maker.

How things felt this week

I had a lot of personal stuff going on this week, so 0XP once more took a backseat, though the distance I had from it highlighted a few things that weren’t working for me.

Firstly the 2D Character Controller tutorial I was learning from on the Unity website was too advanced: I was literally having to pause the video and look things up every 10 seconds, and I didn’t have anything new to test in the engine every session. Despite being half-way through, I was determined not to fall to the sunken cost fallacy, and I abandoned it. I, instead, began the Brackey’s 2D Platformer tutorial and already it seems much more my pace, even though I’ve only gone through the first few videos.

Secondly, I’ve been trying to do too much at once recently and it drains my motivation when I don’t hit all my targets, so I’ve decided to scale back for now, really hone in on certain areas, and then build back up. Learning C# and coding needs more time devoted to it. Engaging with the community is important, but I currently have nothing to give, and have all the information I need at my disposal, so nothing to ask. I will still browse forums and ask questions, but more on an ad hoc basis for now.

Luckily I have found work which I am set to start toward the end of July, so I can now focus on development and learning without feeling like I’m eating into jobseeking time. I’m looking forward to getting stuck in.

Things to improve for next week

Next week I will try to do 2 things max, rather than loads of things. In order or priority I shall endeavour to:

  • Complete the Brackey’s 2D Platformer Tutorial series.
  • Spend 1 hour coding in C# on a separate project daily.

You can follow me on here, or on my other media outlets such as TumblrFacebookInstagram and Twitter. Any feedback is greatly appreciated as it’s early days and I would be more than happy to answer any questions.

Thanks for taking time to digest my thoughts with your eyes, brain and pancreas. I hope to see you in the next post!




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