Weekly Review: Week 4 Clear!

My apologies for a belated weekly review: the adaptor for my laptop broke mid week and I had to order a new one, leaving me unable to code or write for a few days!

As a result, this will be a very truncated weekly review as I will mostly just be carrying on from last week. I will, however, note what I’ve achieved this week and what I could improve.

Things I did

  • 3 hours of going through the Unity 2D Platformer recorded live session I mentioned here.
  • 75 minutes on Reddit and TIGSource.

Not much this week, but it’s good to have a break now and then I suppose.

Things to improve

What a break made me realise is that this current tutorial series I’m doing is a lot more advanced than I expected. I barely manage to get through 2 minutes of material in an hour’s session because I have to look up all the terms, write down exactly what is being achieved and how it’s being done. I think my note taking process needs to change: at the moment it’s quite prosaic (which I talked about here), which was good in the beginning because I was comfortable writing out detailed instructions to follow when I returned to it later, but now I feel it’s time to make things brief.

Here is a page of my current note taking style:

Apologies for the bad camera, but the point is it’s a mostly paragraphs and block text. 


Here is a page of notes made in a new style, with very seriousness:

Again, my IMPECCABLE handwriting putting all other visual art to shame, and illustrating a more bullet point-y, drawing-y approach.

It’s more of a step-by-step guide than a full on description, allowing me to spend less time making notes on more time DOING STUFF.

Fuelled by the laborious note-taking process, I am losing steam with this tutorial series. I feel it’s a bit too advanced for me and it’s not fun to implement any of the things I learn because everything only works and comes together after plugging together a plethora of new concepts, which take me several decades to get down to paper. I’m starting to associate learning with work, and I find myself doing the bare minimum even when I have time and energy to do more.

I plan to power through with the rest of this series (making fewer notes) and then go back to a more basic platformer tutorial to get me playing around with the software again.

That’s all for the review this week – now that I have a working computer I will continue on maintaining my goals set last week and adopt this new note-taking style to make things go smoother.

You can follow me on here, or on my other media outlets such as TumblrFacebookInstagram and Twitter. Any feedback is greatly appreciated and I would be more than happy to answer any questions.

Thank you once more for your patience, understanding and gorgeous eyeballs for letting me borrow them for a bit to scan across these symbols we ascribe meaning to.

Till next time!


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