Weekly Review: Week 3 Clear!

Guten Father’s Day all! The Sun is shining, the grass is buzzing and it’s time for the Super Sunday Weekly Evaluation Episode! (known from now on as: SSWEE). How have you been? Really? Great! Oh, wait, have to stop you there – I am super interested, but we must be considerate of other readers and to get what’s been going on with 0XP this week!

Did I success?

If you’ll remember what my goals were last week, I aimed to use timers to prevent Parkinson’s Law (I’ve since learnt that this is called ‘The Promodoro Technique‘), play a demo of an independent game, post every day on social media and interact for 25 minutes every day with Reddit and TIG Source.

I have had great success using The Promodoro Technique with 0XP and non-0XP related tasks, allowing me to work for long stretches without fatiguing, and I played and wrote up detailed playtesting feedback for a cool platformer rendered in a GameBoy-like style called Shawy Adventures (download here) – it was really cool! I may start posting the feedback I write of those demos as well, we’ll see.

Love the old school, pre Game Boy Color look.

I do admit to putting a lot of 0XP on the backburner this week, however. I posted a few times to social media and spent a bit of time interacting with the gaming community, but not as much as I planned, and I must apologise to those of you following along – progress is a much more interesting read! I’ll have to develop greater techniques to make sure I stick to my goals of a week, so let’s get into them.

Things I did this week

  • I logged a good 7 hours learning how to use Unity across the week, focussing on learning the ins and outs of 2D mode in aid of making a 2D platformer. I’m really looking forward to getting my own up and running!
  • I played around with editing my 3D Roll-a-Ball game (from a prior Unity tutorial) and making so the player controls how tilted the stage is. I’d say it was pretty damn impressive (SEE BELOW FOR PAY OFF).
  • I interacted with the community for 2 hours this week, on both Reddit and TIGSource. Had an interesting discussion about RPG writing and writing in games generally.
  • I wrote and published the first Game Development Tutorials article, outlining what tutorials I’m planning on using to make my game and what I thought of the ones I’ve done. Lynx provided of course.
  • I posted to social media a few times this week.

How things felt this week

As I may have mentioned before, I am currently jobseeking and have been for a weeks now. More of my time than previously is now being spent on drafting applications and attending interviews and, if I’m honest, it’s taken a toll on my motivation. I’m not gonna cry about it or anything, but not working for a long time is draining, and it’s difficult to consistently remain motivated when you spend too much time at home. I mostly do this to avoid cost, but perhaps it’s worth considering getting out more and pursuing an active social life as an investment in myself during this rough patch.

SO I was distracted this week by job seeking stuff and struck with a lack of motivation. BUT!!! This is exactly what we all expected!! It wouldn’t be a journey or a struggle if there weren’t times you felt like giving up, so I shall take this full on the chest as the first blow of many – YAH:

I’m gonna be like this beaver(?) in the weeks to come: unnecessarily aggressive in my determination to stay consistent with my goals, and in my listening to Death Grips (itgoesitgoesitgoesitgoesitgoes GUILLOTIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE).

Things to improve for next week

I will carry on with last week’s goals into this week, though with different techniques to build them into my life. I’ve been thinking it would be a much better way to draw readers in if I had scheduled times for things, for example: a social media post at 11am every, a blog post at 7pm every Wednesday and Sunday etc. I could extend this to my sessions engaging with the community and give solid reminders in my phone so I stick to them.

Maybe a social media post at the same time every day is a bit too much but, certainly a look on Reddit and TIGSource at 7pm every day wouldn’t go amiss. Anyhoo.

Next week I will try to:

  • Continue using the Promodoro Technique for maximum efficiency.
  • Play another demo of a game offered for playtesting on TIG Source
  • Post every day to social media
  • Post 2 blog posts a week: one at 7pm on Wednesday evening and another at 11am Sunday morning.
  • Browse/post in gaming forums for 20 minutes a day at 7pm

That’s it for this week, I’m sorry once again for my failure to achieve last week’s goals, but this is all part of it! Can’t show weakness so early man, you gotta persevere!!! YAH YAH YAH

You can follow me on here, or on my other media outlets such as TumblrFacebookInstagram and Twitter. Any feedback is greatly appreciated as it’s early days and I would be more than happy to answer any questions.

Thanks for taking time out of your Sunday to have words of my composition lay waste to the planes of your brain cells – let me know what you think and I hope to see you in the next post!



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